Real Estate on the Coast of Maine
Troy Wilkins

Winslow Homer’s Maine studio will be open to the public!

This is where the famous painter produced some of his most notable seascapes.

Homer was born and raised in Boston and moved to New York as a young man. In his mid-40s, he moved to his family’s estate in Maine and lived in a remodeled carriage house with a second-story balcony and an unobstructed view of the ocean.

The studio will be open for public tours beginning Sept. 25. To celebrate the opening, the museum is presenting an exhibition, “Weatherbeaten: Winslow Homer and Maine,” featuring 38 of Homer’s oils, watercolors and etchings that he produced in his studio. The exhibition opened on Saturday and runs through Dec. 30.

Remember┬áthere’s no public parking on Prouts Neck and the studio is located in a private residential neighborhood, so you will have to take a shuttle van from the museum.


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